Amazing Guilt Free Chocolate Review

Amazing Guilt Free Chocolate … Let’s get going. My goal is to help you out with your purchasing decision. So, time for a matter-of-fact admission – I haven’t in actual fact used or bought the product (check out my About page for an explanation), but I have researched on the internet looking for info on it, so you don’t have to. And hopefully someone who has bought it will add their opinion to the ‘Customer Reviews’ section to the right. So get ready as I save you time and dish all the information I have on Amazing Guilt Free Chocolate.

What is is?

To save you the hassle of digesting the sales pitch I have produced a summary of all they have to say about themselves here:

A Chocolate That Is Not Only Insanely Delicious But Incredibly Healthy, Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Diabetic Friendly And Best Of All … Fat Burning?

  • Natural raw chocolate is extremely high in anti-oxidants, many times more than green tea or red wine. Sadly milk solids added to make ‘milk’ chocolate destroys most of these anti-oxidants
  • Learn why we switched from saturated fats such as coconut oil (it has nothing to do with health) to polyunsaturated vegetable oils and the detrimental effect this has had on our health.
  • I describe in detail how processed chocolate is made and compare it to my natural raw chocolate to show you where we have gone wrong and the disastrous results.
  • Just imagine the pleasure it will bring when you can once again indulge in rich, sweet, delicious chocolate desserts knowing you are not harming your body.
  • There is a wide spread lack of knowledge around what natural foods to eat to support a healthy diet in a world that does not support health and nutrition.
  • Cacao butter contains high levels of stearic acid which slows digestion and keeps you feeling full longer. Great for controlling appetite and cravings.
  • Why snacking after dinner can worsen your diabetes – a must-read to prevent you inadvertently sabotaging all your good efforts to manage your diabetes
  • The chemical, phenyl ethylamine found in natural raw chocolate makes us feel we’re in love. This is probably why love and chocolate go hand in hand!
  • Milk solids are added to make everyone’s favorite ‘milk’ chocolate effectively destroying the plentiful anti-oxidants found naturally in the bean..
  • I follow this with a comparison of the nutrients found in my natural raw chocolate compared to processed chocolate. And ‘wow’ is this staggering!

Is anyone buying it?

Here I can provide you with some hard facts. We can use statistics provided by the payment processor. They release something they call the product’s “Gravity”. It can be used a an indication of a product’s sales rank. I’ve taken this amount and turned it into a rating out of 100. Products with a high rating are popular. Amazing Guilt Free Chocolate scores 74.10/100 which is about standard.

Time to buy – your options

By now you’ve read through the résumé of what the product’s about. You’ve examined in detail the user reviews and testimonials. Maybe you’ve even decided you might like to buy the product. So what now?

Option 1: Buy Direct

You click on the following link to, and find their link to buy the product. From there you’ll be linked through to the payment processor page and you can pay using a credit/debit card or PayPal. As of the time of writing this review the standard price for the product is $34.95.

Option 2: Buy Through Me

If you click this link: you’ll also be taken through to, where you can buy the product in the same way as the first option. This time though, because you arrived at the site through a special link, I get the credit for sending over a potential buyer. If you do end up buying, I will receive a commission. There’s no difference in the cost to you. You might like to go for this option if:
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The purchase bonus

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